The 10 Best Peking Duck Restaurants in Singapore [2023] (2023)

The classic Peking duck is the pinnacle of all Chinese food and what separates a decent Chinese restaurant from a great one. This delicious meal is enjoyed by the whole family for its crispy skin and tender meat that dominates the palate - in a good way, of course.

Expertly prepared Peking duck often has a delicious crisp in the first bite, followed by an irresistible smoothness and a taste that transports the palate to heaven, with the addition of hoisin sauce, sliced ​​cucumber and chives before serving. Wonder this one Food is considered the national cuisine of China.

Peking duck isn't served in every Chinese restaurant due to its culinary complexity, but if you know where to look for it, you can enjoy it any day.

For your convenience, we have compiled a list of the top ten Peking duck restaurants in Singapore.


Imperial Treasure Restaurant Super Duck Peking

The 10 Best Peking Duck Restaurants in Singapore [2023] (1)

ProductsImperial Treasure Super Peking Duck, Chinese cuisine
price range
contact details+65 6631 0288
ADDRESS36 Sin Ming Lane, Midview City Singapore 573956

Imperial Treasure has become synonymous with authentic and exquisite Chinese dining due to its extensive menu of renowned Chinese specialties and commitment to great service. Since opening its first restaurant in 2004, Imperial Treasure Restaurant Group has captured the hearts of foodies and casual diners alike.


TungLok XiHe Beijing Duck Central Orchard

The 10 Best Peking Duck Restaurants in Singapore [2023] (2)

ProductsPeking Irish duck, sea cucumber flambé, lobster, crab, live shrimp, boca de peixe, wagyu beef, chicken soup
price range
contact details+65 6466 3363
ADDRESS200 Turf Club Road, Nr. 01-23/26 Cingapura 287994

Established in 1984, the multi-award winning TungLok Group is Singapore's leading creative restaurant chain with over 40 locations in Singapore, Indonesia, China, Japan, Vietnam and Taiwan. Renowned for their quality and variety, as well as their designer ambience and distinctive character, the restaurants serve the best of authentic Chinese, Cantonese, seafood, vegetarian, as well as modern Chinese, Western and Japanese cuisine, creatively prepared and expertly prepared by talented master chefs.

TungLok's hallmarks of great cuisine, great service and distinctive dining ideas are everywhere, a trinity that has earned TungLok numerous accolades in the food and beverage industry. The group also regularly hosts world-renowned chefs during the annual World Gourmet Summit. Singapore Stock Exchange lists Tung Lok Restaurants (2000) Ltd.



The 10 Best Peking Duck Restaurants in Singapore [2023] (3)

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ProductsPeking duck
price range
contact details+65 6734 6866
ADDRESS290 Orchard Road Singapur Paragon SC #05-22

With more than 100 locations in 25 major cities, Crystal Jade is a Singapore-based culinary brand with one Michelin star and many Michelin Bib Gourmand honors. The Crystal Jade brand's goal of spreading Chinese cuisine and culture has remained intact despite its reputation for culinary craftsmanship and dedication to excellence.

Crystal Jade serves only the most nutritious foods, foods that nourish, inspire and nurture relationships for today and generations to come, based on the essential principles of Chinese cuisine while being influenced by modern gastronomy.


Min. Jiang

The 10 Best Peking Duck Restaurants in Singapore [2023] (4)

ProductsPeking duck
price range
contact details+65 6737 7411
ADDRESS22 Scotts Road, Singapur 228221

Dining at Goodwood Park Hotel Singapore's restaurant is famous for its signature dishes and unique culinary delights. Our seven food and beverage outlets, all conveniently located off Orchard Road, offer a wide range of dining options from casual to gourmet.

There's always something to please the most discerning shopper, from Gordon Grill's signature meat cart service, to hearty Sichuan and Cantonese delights at Min Jiang, authentic Peking duck at Min Jiang in Dempsey and the famous Afternoon Tea.English at L'Espresso, as well as delicious Taiwanese porridge at the Coffee Lounge and irresistible durian puffs and mooncakes at the Deli. Come to Goodwood Park Hotel Singapore for lunch if you are in town and looking for a great place to eat.


Wah Lok Cantonese Restaurant

The 10 Best Peking Duck Restaurants in Singapore [2023] (5)

ProductsPeking duck, dim sum set, congee, seafood, vegetables, rice and noodles
price range
contact details+65 6311 8188Ö+65 6311 8189
ADDRESS76 Bras Basah Road Singapore, Singapore 189558

Wah Lok Cantonese Restaurant at Carlton Hotel is one of the most famous Chinese restaurants in Singapore. Many people's list of the best Chinese restaurants in Singapore will likely include it. Weekend lunches at Wah Lok Cantonese restaurant must be reserved in advance, and those seated at the earliest dinner time, which starts at 11:00 a.m., must commit to finishing their meal in an hour and a half. That's exactly what we did.

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The 10 Best Peking Duck Restaurants in Singapore [2023] (6)


Kai Jardim Kaen

The 10 Best Peking Duck Restaurants in Singapore [2023] (7)

ProductsCrispy signature Peking duck, grilled pork with signature sauce, sizzling pork belly, signature Kai Garden fried rice, fried angel hair pasta with seafood in black truffle sauce, stewed chicken with flower crabs, wok-fried fish liver on a hot stone , nutritious soup with sea buzios
price range
contact details+65 6250 4826
ADDRESS6 Raffles Boulevard, Nr. 03-128A/128B, Marina Square, Cingapura 039594
Pato Kai @ Takashimaya Ngee Ann City
391 Orchard Road, Podium Block, Ngee Ann City, Nr. 05-10/11 Cingapura 238872

Welcome to Kai Garden, Singapore's premier Cantonese restaurant, owned and operated by the Group's award-winning Chef, Fung Chi Keung.

The Chinese restaurant with a capacity for 200 guests and located in the new business district at Marina Square offers an extremely pleasant and welcoming atmosphere.

Reminiscent of the opulent palaces of ancient China, our Ancient Chinese Fan Emblem symbolizes prestige and good taste while embodying important Chinese cultural traits.

This notion is manifested in our delicious Cantonese-Chinese cuisine and Dim Sum, prepared with Chef Fung's signature touches and staying true to the rich tradition of Cantonese cuisine.


Chinese restaurant Wan Hao

The 10 Best Peking Duck Restaurants in Singapore [2023] (8)

ProductsPeking duck
price range
contact details+65-6735-5800
ADDRESSSingapur Marriott Tang Plaza Hotel 320 Orchard Road, Cingapura, 238865

Wan Hao Chinese Restaurant is an award winning restaurant on Orchard Road and ticks all the boxes to be one of the top restaurants in Singapore and should be visited by all foodies. Imagine traditional and comforting Cantonese cuisine, refined and refined with the use of fresh and quality ingredients; an extensive wine list; an oriental oasis of charm; and four private dining rooms for maximum exclusivity and luxury.

This elegant Chinese restaurant serves authentic, award-winning Cantonese cuisine in an atmosphere that includes Chinese calligraphy with gold leaf and chinois artwork. The legendary Peking duck, slightly crispy and perfectly cooked, served with the classic Chinese crepes is one of the most popular dishes.

Other delights on the special menu include Mandarin Pork Ribs, Wok Fried Beef Cube with Black Garlic Sauce and more, all prepared by Executive Sous Chef Brian Wong. If you are in Singapore and want to experience real dim sum, this is the place to go. Guests from all over Asia raved about the delicate touch of dim sum chef Loh Kah Poh.


Restaurant Hua Ting

The 10 Best Peking Duck Restaurants in Singapore [2023] (9)

(Video) Top 10 Restaurants in Singapore 2022
ProductsIn Pekingese, Dim Sum
price range
contact details+65 67396666
ADDRESS442 Orchard Road, Nivel 2 Singapore, Singapore 238879

Since 1992, Hua Ting Restaurant has built a solid reputation for authentic Cantonese cuisine and has received numerous awards for its classic specials, barbecues and homemade dim sum, which have been the focus of many family and business events.

Hua Ting also has several private dining rooms, ranging from comfortable seating for four to the opulent Presidential Room that seats 20 and has its own door.



The 10 Best Peking Duck Restaurants in Singapore [2023] (10)

price range
ADDRESS1 St Andrew's Road, #05-02, National Gallery Singapur Singapur, Singapur 178957

The menu represents the best of Cantonese cuisine with recognizable flavors served with authenticity and passion to ensure diners have a satisfying meal and visual feast. We firmly believe in the essential principles and discipline of traditional Cantonese cuisine.

We attach great importance to the origin of our ingredients. While most of our food is authentic Cantonese food, guests can expect to see some signature dishes that have been carefully crafted to appeal not only to your taste buds but also to your heart, thanks to the variety of ingredients and imaginative combinations.


Jiang Nanchun

The 10 Best Peking Duck Restaurants in Singapore [2023] (11)

ProductsPeking duck
price range
contact details+65 6831 7220
ADDRESS2º andar, 190 Orchard Boulevard Singapore 248646

Embodying the philosophy of "Xiang Le Zhu Yi" or the principle of contentment and contentment, our award-winning restaurant evokes the pastoral lifestyle of the historic riverside villages of the Jiang Nan region, not only through its rustic décor but also through its original decoration. cantonese food.

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frequently asked questions

frequently asked questions

What exactly is Peking duck?

a Chinese delicacy of roast duck and crispy strips of duck skin folded into thin pancakes and topped with spring onions and sauce.

What makes the Peking duck different?

The Peking duck has an opening under its wings through which the internal organs are removed to insert a stick of sorghum that keeps the duck breast upright and the meat moist. Cantonese-style roast duck, on the other hand, is usually cut up and eaten.

How does Peking duck taste?

How does the duck taste? Our farm-raised Peking White Duck has a strong red meat flavor more reminiscent of steak than chicken or turkey and makes a good substitute for either in dishes. Duck is also surprisingly nutritious! You can remove 70% of the fat from duck by cooking it properly.

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How much does Peking duck usually cost Singapore? ›

Usually, a whole Peking duck costs S$78, meaning you save S$56 with this discount. And here's all you need to know about how you can treat yourself to a mouthwatering Peking duck meal and other tantalising deals at Peach Garden's Chinatown Point outlet.

How much is the Peking duck at Mott 32? ›

Apple Wood Smoked Peking Duck "Signature Mott 32 Cut" (北京片皮鴨) ($118) (requires pre-order)

Which country is famous for Peking duck? ›

Yang Quanren (楊全仁), the founder of Quanjude, developed the hung oven to roast ducks. By the mid-20th century, Peking duck had become a national symbol of China, favored by tourists and diplomats alike.

What is 3 course Peking duck? ›

Peking duck is usually served in three courses. The skin is accompanied by hoisin sauce (a commercially prepared, reddish brown, sweet, and spicy sauce), scallions cut into brushes, and thin wheat-flour pancakes or steamed wheat-flour “lotus buns,” all of which are eaten together as a sandwich.

Is half a Peking duck enough for 2 people? ›

One duck is more than enough for two but it is better to order a half and enjoy the other fine dishes. over a year ago. it is a whole duck and can feed up to 4 but as an appetizer. They are mainly eaten as an appetizer in general.

How do you eat Peking duck in Singapore? ›

Peking duck is eaten with various condiments and wraps. While other restaurants serve the typical crepe skin, cucumber and hoisin sauce, Hai Tien Lo offers additional ingredients of avocado, vegetarian beancurd skin, and… black caviar, giving the dish an added luxurious element.

What is Mott 32 famous for? ›

The restaurant is known for and has won awards for its interior design. Designed by Joyce Wang, the restaurants feature private dining rooms, Chinese vases, and Victorian chandeliers.

How many people does a whole Peking duck serve? ›

With sides, a whole duck is easily enough of a meal for three to four people.

How much is Peking duck per person? ›

Normally half the duck has 8-10 rolls feeding upto 3-4 people maximum. Groups of 5 or more should order a full duck. The restaurant can also guide better. over a year ago.

Which country eats the most duck? ›

Based on a comparison of 72 countries in 2021, China ranked the highest in duck meat production with 4,823,000 tonnes followed by Vietnam and France.

How healthy is Peking duck? ›

Generally a duck, including Peking duck, is considered being good for health and beauty. A duck contains vitamin A, vitamin B2, collagen, potassium, calcium, iron etc. It also has an effect of beautifying your skin because it promotes metabolism of fat.

What is the best way to eat Peking duck? ›

The best way to eat Peking duck is to take a pancake in one hand, pick up a slice of duck using your chopsticks, then coat it in plum sauce. Afterward, spread the sauce using the duck onto the pancake, add some more duck slices, green onion, and cucumber. Finally, roll up the pancake and eat it with your hands.

What is the best duck for Peking duck? ›

Jurgielewicz ducks are preferred by world-class chefs for Peking duck preparation for it perfect skin, moist texture and wonderful flavor.

What is Peking duck sauce called? ›

A. Peking duck sauce is another name for the hoisin sauce. It is a sauce made with soy sauce, garlic, chilli, and various spices. Peking duck sauce is famous as a key ingredient in the Peking duck dish made in China.

What is Peking duck called in China? ›

Originally, it was known as 'Jinling roast duck' (Jinling being an archaic name for Nanjing). Over time, chefs in Beijing bred a local variety that became known for its snowy-white feathers, thin skin and tender flesh and was regarded as far superior to the ducks of Nanjing.

How much duck do I need for 3 people? ›

When buying whole duck or goose, allow about one to 1 1/2 pounds of raw weight per person. Raw boneless meat yields about three servings per pound after cooking. Estimate three to four-ounces per person for fully cooked products.

What do you eat Peking duck with? ›

Traditional Peking Duck is served with thin pancakes (Chun Bing) also called Mandarin Pancakes, sweet bean sauce (Tian Mian Jiang) or hoisin sauce, julienned cucumber and scallions. If you were to order a Peking Duck meal at a restaurant, it would likely come with each of these items.

How many people can eat one duck? ›

The majority come oven-ready, weighing 4-5 lb (1.8-2.25 kg), and will feed four people.

What meat is in Peking duck? ›

It's a dish consisting of several elements: sliced pieces of roast duck with crispy skin and tender meat, thin pancakes, a savoury sauce and some julienned vegetables.

Is Peking duck the same as crispy duck? ›

' Peking Duck (北京烤鴨), or Crispy Aromatic Duck (香酥鴨), a similar dish in the UK, has been another thing that I miss on occasions while in the states. Peking Duck, or maybe now it should be called Beijing Duck is a very old dish from China and the dish that we know today was fully developed during the Ming Dynasty.

Why is Peking duck so special? ›

Traditional Peking Duck is known the world over for the time-consuming and complex method followed to yield extremely crispy skin and moist, tender meat. Highly skilled chefs often follow proprietary recipes that call for 24 to 72 hours of preparation to produce restaurant quality Peking Duck.

What should I order at Mott 32? ›

Signature Dishes
  • Peking duck.
  • Pork siu mai with runny quail's egg.
  • BBQ pluma Iberico pork char siu.

Is Mott 32 Michelin star? ›

During his time there, his fine Cantonese cuisine and gastronomic menu earned the restaurant two Michelin stars as well as numerous accolades from the Hong Kong Tourism Board, including the “Best of the Best Culinary Award” in 2006 and 2009.

Who is the owner of Mott 32? ›

Malcolm Wood, the founder and group managing director at Maximal, calls Mott 32 a “concept that people haven't seen before. It's a surprise twist between high-end space that's about mood and atmosphere and design, but it's approachable, a place where people can laugh, have a drink, and have fun.”

Is there blood in Peking duck? ›

Duck is a non pork or pork by product. It's definitely not dead prior to slaughtering. It's also not a blood or blood by product. No alcohol was used.

How much duck do I need for 5 people? ›

Unfortunately, a duck does not have much meat, it yields less meat than chicken or turkey. One duck serves usually 2-3 people. It's 2-3 elegant servings, that you would serve to your guests. We eat 1 leg + ½ breast per person, but some people eat 1 leg + 1 breast.

Why is it called Peking duck? ›

The fall of the Yuan Dynasty in 1368 brought about many changes in China and paved way for the rise of the Ming Dynasty. By this time, the recipe took on the name “Peking Duck” , named for the capitol city in China (no more commonly referred to as Beijing).

Why is Peking duck so fatty? ›

Ducks have a natural layer of fat under the skin

Like other animal fats, these natural esters offer a succulent and sebaceous character, and some added greasiness.

How many slices does a Peking duck have? ›

Peking Duck is always served in thin, well-cut slices. The whole duck has to be sliced into 120 pieces and diners consume it with light pancakes, sliced cucumbers and a variety of sauces, which are perfect complements to the dish.

What is the most hunted duck in America? ›

Biologists monitor mallards when establishing hunting regulations for most species of ducks in North America. Although the mallard is the most heavily hunted duck in North America, its populations are considered stable.

Do people eat ducks in USA? ›

Today Americans consume about . 34 (1/3 pound) of duck per person yearly, down from .

What's healthier chicken or duck? ›

For people with issues such as high cholesterol, or other diet-based restrictions, chicken is a go-to as it's generally easy on the stomach and is a much leaner meat. However, despite its higher fat content, duck has nutritional value. Healthy animal fat is necessary in most diets, and duck is rich in iron and copper.

Is Peking duck good at PF Changs? ›

Chang's Peking duck. There is hidden sodium in plenty of foods, and restaurants often use salt as a way of ramping up a dish's flavor. At P.F. Chang's, the Peking duck might be the one menu item to avoid — it's loaded with sodium.

Is Peking duck roasted or fried? ›

For instance, Peking duck is traditionally roasted in a closed oven but these days, both open and closed ovens may be used. Open ovens are often found in specialised roast duck shops as a brick fireplace on one side of a wall, with a pole of ducks hanging across it.

Is duck good for diabetics? ›

You can eat duck meat in moderation if you have diabetes. Ducks are rich in protein and fat. If consumed in excess, duck meat can lead to increased cholesterol levels. Thus, duck meat is suitable for people with diabetes if they avoid duck skin and fat.

What is the difference between duck and Peking duck? ›

Peking duck and Cantonese duck are two different dishes from the North and South of China respectively. Peking duck was originally created for the imperial elite, whereas Cantonese duck is a more comforting and affordable family dish.

How much is a Peking duck? ›

Pekin Duck, All Natural, Whole
1 piece, 4-4.5 lbsfrozen$49.22
1 piece, 4.5-5 lbsfrozen$55.00
6 pieces, 4-4.5 lbs eafrozen$284.32
6 pieces, 4.5-5 lbs eafrozen$289.28

How much does a duck cost in Singapore? ›

Singapore duck meat wholesale price. In 2023, the approximate price range for Singapore Duck Meat is between US$ 2.43 and US$ 2.97 per kilogram or between US$ 1.1 and US$ 1.35 per pound(lb).

How much does it cost to buy a Pekin duck? ›

Straight Run$7.74$5.33

Can you buy a duck in Singapore? ›

Chickens, ducks and quails are prohibited in HDB flats due to their unsuitability as indoor pets, and only private property owners are allowed to keep a restricted number of poultry.

How many people does half a Peking duck serve? ›

Normally half the duck has 8-10 rolls feeding upto 3-4 people maximum. Groups of 5 or more should order a full duck. The restaurant can also guide better. over a year ago.

Can I bring roasted duck into Singapore? ›

Poultry (eg: chicken, duck, turkey). You can't bring all forms of poultry, including raw and cooked.

Where is the mandarin duck in Singapore? ›

The mandarin duck is not native to Singapore. This mandarin duck in Hougang is believed to have been a pet. In August 2008, a female mandarin duck was spotted near Botanic Gardens, as reported by a bird ecology study group.

Where does Singapore Import duck from? ›

What are the leading suppliers of duck and goose meat to Singapore? In value terms, Malaysia, Ireland and France were the largest duck and goose meat suppliers to Singapore, with a combined 79% share of total imports.

How long does a Pekin duck last? ›

Life Expectancy. Domestic ducks kept as pets live an average of 8-12 years.

What is the average lifespan of a Pekin duck? ›

The average lifespan of a Pekin duck is roughly eight to 12 years. The selective breeding process used to create this duck breed allows hens to produce extra-large eggs and more meat than the vast majority of other common duck breeds.

At what age are Pekin ducks slaughtered? ›

Raising Pekin Ducks. Pekin ducks reach slaughter weight of 8-10 pounds at 7 weeks of age which is similar to, or better than, the rate of return on meat chickens.


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