Tacos, tostadas, tequila and more: where to find the best Mexican restaurants in Melbourne (2023)

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April 14, 2023

There is nothing better than the culinary offer and the flavor of Mexican cuisine; with its regional specialties and varied dishes, it won the hearts and stomachs of all of us. From the subtle addition of crunchy and balanced pico de gallo to slow-cooked beef tacos, the vibrancy of Mexican food is unmatched.

So sit back and sip your margarita as we put together a list of the best Mexican restaurants you can find in Melbourne for 2023:



He runs the same team as Seddon.Superchid,CDMXit's more of a pit stop; a tribute to the crazy hustle and bustle of Mexico City with a neat menu of tacos, sandwiches, and drinks. The nearly empty Melbourne Central is often packed with hungry patrons waiting to get their hands on the quick-cooked tacos, whether it's the 'Pescado', a basic fish taco with breaded barramundi, chipotle and spicy pizza and cabbage, or the 'Pastor ' with grilled pork belly, homemade sauce, cilantro and onion in a corn tortilla. Whether it's just one pit stop or everything, CDMX leads the way as some of the best Mexican in Melbourne's CBD.

Frankiejeve cake and taxis


From the caravan's humble beginnings on Smith Street to its new digs on Johnston Street,It was a big part of the debate about the best Mexican restaurant in Melbourne. Cast in a distinctive aesthetic of white and red, the specialty shop offers tortas grandes, a Mexican-style sandwich that comes in the form of Pollo Millanesa (chicken) and Tortas Al Pastor (beef) tortas that take center stage. Tacos remain a staple, even opting for a dessert option in collaboration with nearby ice cream speciality, Billy Van Creamy.



Bar and snack bar on two levels with more than 260 types of mezcal,Mexicosure is strong. guacamole is made at the table and served with plantain chips to start, then you can choose between two set menus; each one fills you with loads of Mexican delights, from jalapenos, fish tacos, brisket, and olive empanadas. Specializing in spirits, the mezcal selection here is incredible, as are the margaritas; a great place to start is Jalapeno Marg.

mexican background


Part of the more modern Mexican contingent in Melbourne,mexican backgroundintroduced his quirky little restaurant on Richmond's Swan Street in 2011. Now, with several different locations around the city, Fonda has carved out his own segment of contemporary Mexican-inspired cuisine, be it cheesy pork carnitas, shiitake mushroom quesadillas smoked fish or heady burritos. . The Fonda team is also known for their healthier takes on Mexican flavors, and all the establishments are happy to whip up burrito bowls, grilled chicken salads, and grilled corn like nobody's business.



They aresmall and cozy space, so reservations may be necessary, butSuperchidthe food is as authentic as you can get outside of Mexico. Departing from the classic Taquería with a small variety of options, here you'll find a menu filled with various Mexican street specialties, from Al Pastor, Birria, and fish tacos to larger Los Fuerters (entrées) like Albóndigas with pork meatballs. and beef brisket in a rich morita tomato sauce served with Mexican white rice. Desserts include the ever-popular churros and chocolate brownies, while the bar also offers tequila, mezcal, and margaritas like spiced apple mixes or Chamoyada.



Combining the flavors of Mexico with a touch of Asian influence, the tortillas invascoThey are cooked to perfection and have many vegan, vegetarian and gluten free options for all guests. If you're a fish taco traditionalist, they have Barry White tacos with barramundi seasoned with tempura, lettuce, guacamole, and jalapeño mayonnaise, but for something more Asian-inspired, they have a Korean fried chicken option (also available in vegan cauliflower). , with Sriracha mayonnaise, Gochujang sauce and pickled ginger.

thor negro


South East Melbourne's premier Mexican-inspired restaurants,thor negroIt has been impressing visitors for more than ten years. Here are more tapas or small plates to eat with a menu that ranges from appetizers, Baja-inspired tacos, tostadas, and more. Moving up to the larger plates, consider larger plates with grilled options including whole baby barramundi served with Veracruz sauce or barbecue lamb (slow-cooked) with chimichurri and lemon yogurt.



Another destination of the La Tortilleria family,Chilpa, which means "little baby", serves famous Mexican street food like its Kensington counterpart. Located in the bayside suburb of Highett, this newcomer is establishing itself as some of the best Mexican food in Melbourne, whether it's the Tostados, slow-cooked beef tacos on homemade corn tortillas in Birria sauce or the full selection of tequila. and mix them.

I will visit


Mexican street food meets fine dining is a simple premise that Mamasita absolutely delivers on. The upstairs restaurant, just off Spring Street, is a stylish outdoor space perfect for long lunches and after-dark tacos. An easy contender for the best Mexican restaurant in Melbourne's CBD,will observecontinuing excellence constantly sees dozens of new and returning guests ascend to the second level restaurant and bar and work their way through the curated menu of their signature fish tacos, roasted pork belly with guajillo sauce and the best tamarind cheesecake ever. .

green chair


This Mexican tequila bar and kitchen is now an iconic addition to Curtin House on Swanston Street.green chairhas established itself as one of the best Mexican restaurants in the Melbourne community with pork carnitas and beef tongue tacos, crispy king prawns with macha sauce and interesting takes on more typical indigenous dishes such as kangaroo skewers with mountain pepper leaves , camo and saltbush. In addition to their gourmet menu, they also have a perfectly curated drinks list that includes the Ghost Face Killer chili margarita, Frida Kahlo cocktail, pitchers of sangria, tequila, and endless bottled beverages.

little jump


A serious little place on Fitzroy's Brunswick Street and one of the best Mexican restaurants in Melbourne.little jumpthe red storefront is always packed with passionate taco enthusiasts. In the narrow, dimly lit, candlelit space, he often sits shoulder to shoulder with other diners as he enjoys his fish tacos with a cocktail in hand. They also have an amazing selection of craft and draft beers.

bok Jose


Part taco shop, part canteen,bok Joseis a pint-sized Mexican taco delight not far from Queen Vic Market. Located on Peel Street in Melbourne's west, the quirky, brightly colored shop looks like it's straight out of Mexico, the Taqueria sign atop like a twinkling beacon of magic inside. Specializing in Mexican street food, the menu is a neat collection of simple yet eye-catching tacos such as ground chorizo, guacamole and pico de gallo, a flavorful balanced hit of excellence or the must-order fish ceviche tostadas during your visit.



sleeping giant,taquitoYou don't have to make a lot of noise, the guests will be happy to do it for them. Now recognized as one of the best Mexican restaurants in Melbourne, Carlton Restaurant focuses on authenticity, with a menu based on high-quality, seasonal produce. Led by Alec Villarreal (Mexican-born owner) and Paul Clarke (New Zealand-born chef obsessed with Mexican food), the two have created a tribute to the true flavors and smells of Mexico City.

underground cellar


underground cellaris delivered by a team who have used their hospitality expertise inhala hawkerayroyal saxonyso the collective knowledge is well and truly chosen here. The Mexican-inspired underground restaurant is based on a simple proposition; mezcal and tacos, it does both perfectly. While hand omelettes are front and center, there are plenty of shareable dishes and even a never-ending 90-minute breakfast with cocktails; it's hard to miss.



Sticking to the essence of Mexican street food,siblingsin Braunschweig offers an accessible and affordable approach to your tacos with all options under $7. Quirky Taqueria on Victoria Street serves up all the delicacies like BBQ lamb, braised chicken and pork and even chorizo ​​and fries, which are just perfect.

Hotel Jesus


Just a few clicks away from Mamasita's sister location in the CBD,Hotel Jesusit's a slower counterpart on Smith Street in Collingwood. Infused with the same inventive Mexican-inspired culinary art, the grand façade of the historic post office leads into a light-filled space with a truly casual communal vibe. The self-proclaimed “no-frills” approach to Mexican cuisine is evident in the small plates of tostadas and tacos with a variety of experimental options, from snapper ceviche tostadas to fried jalapeños and spicy chicken skin tacos. There are also endless options for lunch and a great selection of spirits including tequila, mezcal, cocktails, and sangria on tap.

bodriggy and company


Hethe menu is pretty solid and takes a more refined approach to Mexican-style food delivery. A brewery, pub and restaurant all rolled into one, it offers a collection of unique options that can be paired with any beer for a change. With various ceviches, tacos, and small plates to go, it's a great option for a beer and snack, but if you want to spice things up a bit, you should order the cauliflower steak with chimichurri, the restaurant's staple. , That's right. Of course, there's also a strong charcoal-grilled steak to go, as well as a 12-hour birria brisket on a soft bun with pickled onions.

mexican radio


This combination of food trucks and fine dining is one of the highlights of the St Kilda food scene. With a menu packed with authentic, juicy dishes like chipotle tamarind pork ribs, crab, corn and potatoes, and chorizo ​​quesadillas,mexican radioit's everything you never knew you needed in a modern Mexican restaurant. Standouts are the carnitas, small tacos with a crispy cheese crust.



tortillasit is the only restaurant in Australia that grinds its own tortillas from scratch. Not only are they used at the Ken Kensington and Highett location, but they also deliver to most of Melbourne's best Mexican restaurants. The blue-painted taco oasis on Stubbs Street is a Mexican street food haven with many different combinations, including classic carnitas, al pastor, and vegan options.

taco trippy


A Little bit weirdtaco trippyon Gertrude Street is a trip into the world of vegetarian Mexican food, the cozy space has an almost 1970s aesthetic with antique brown and orange furniture. Open from brunch until late at night, Trippy's is a hot spot for delicious vegetarian dishes like grilled tofu, beans and cheese, or hot breakfast.

village canteen


Serving some of the tastiest and most affordable Mexican dishes,village canteenin Yarraville is the best option for one of the best Mexican restaurants in Melbourne. With plenty to offer, including cheap tacos and prepared lunches, the colorful restaurant is always a good choice. Their chili, cheese, and jalapeño fries are absolutely legendary, and vegetarians and vegans are well catered for with taco options, with options including beans, tofu, and cauliflower.

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