Super Hot Curry: A History of Curry Rice and Why It's Spicy (2023)

Super Hot Curry: A History of Curry Rice and Why It's Spicy (1)

Why is curry so hot? Masahiro Sakurai asked this question during the Nintendo live stream.Presentation of the tree house.Super Smash Bros Ultimateat E3 2018. Wow... seems so long ago in a pre-coronavirus world. It was asked if people outside of Japan understood that curry is hot and spicy, to which Treehouse members replied that they knew it was spicy. It's pretty obvious that this food is on fire, so the question struck me as odd at first, but then I wondered if the Treehouse staff really understood the history of Japanese curry rice.

But why? Why add curry to the game?

Super Hot Curry: A History of Curry Rice and Why It's Spicy (2)

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First, let's see which series this article is from: theKirbySeries. In your games, KirbyYou can inhale this spicy dish to gain the ability to breathe fire.Limited time. This was an article inKirby's Dreamlandbut he appeared less frequently and in supporting roles in later games. He was once again the center of attention.Cautiouswhere were yousmashedDebut. Since then he has managed to win three titles under his...rice. During a game, the player can devour this food and not only create bursts of fire, but also move faster.

So why is it so important?

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First we have to see how they took curry and rice and mixed them together. The idea of ​​curry first came to Japan from IndiaMeiji period(1868-1912, plus or minus a few years). This period was a tumultuous period of expansion and modernization for Japan's government and military, not to mention the country's increasing Westernization. It was the end result of the bloodyPeriodo Bakumatsu, a war-torn period in which the conflict between those who wish to return power to the Emperor and those who have sworn allegiance to him is being played outXogunato Tokugawawho previously ruled Japan for about 268 years. This civil war wasGuerra de Boshinand ushered in a new era in Japan. This whole event started whenKomodoro Matthew C. Perrythe US Navy followedTokyo BayOpen Japan to trade. He brought with him the full might of the US Navy, which convinced Japan that they needed to modernize to face such powerful forces. Some felt Japan should have remained isolated, while others wanted to modernize. This was the Bakumatsu, and in the end those loyal to the Emperor won. even if they believe"Sleep Joi"(Expel the barbarians, worship the Emperor), the change they sought was nothing, as Japan was beginning to modernize anyway. They imported western technology, ideals, beliefs and customs. This eventually led to the introduction of curry rice. If none of this had happened, Japan would be very different now.

Let's see the cultural nuance of this article. BothKirbymiSuper Smash Bros.They were first developed in Japan. Believe it or not, curry rice is a staple of Japanese cuisine. When you think of Japanese food, you might think of popular dishes like rice balls, sushi, tempura, and teriyaki chicken. Sure, these are all excellent examples of Japanese cuisine, but nothing compares to カレーライス (kare raisu) or curry rice. This dish has become so established in the Japanese cooking scene that curry rice has become indispensable.

That's cool and all, but anyway, why is it an article?

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Super Hot Curry: A History of Curry Rice and Why It's Spicy (4)

So what is curry rice? Curry rice is a staple of Japanese cuisine that will look familiar if you're playing the game.Pokemon Sword and Shield. However, the Japanese version of the curry is a far cry from the Indian and British versions. It comes in the form of a roux (they look like blocks of chocolate) that is melted in water to make the curry. The taste is slightly salty and sweet but bland compared to the Indian versions. The curry sauce consists primarily of carrots, potatoes, onions, and occasionally mushrooms and broccoli. A variety of meats are also used, including the ever-popular pork, beef, chicken, and even shellfish and horse. Cheese is sometimes added, such as fried pork chops, eggs, tomatoes, beets, hamburgers, and more. Curry rice is considered a national dish, although it originally came from another country and many families have developed their own recipes. This is basically the Japanese equivalent of a home-cooked meal, home cooking, or mother's kitchen. By the way, my wife, who is Japanese, makes rice curry for our kids from her mother's recipe. The recipe originally came from her grandmother, who passed it on. The additional ingredient is beetroot, which makes the sauce a little redder than normal.

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Curry rice is often eaten in school lunches where it is appreciated by students and teachers. Curry Rice Day is always a fun day because not only is it delicious, but you get seconds.Many restaurants also serve curry rice.including sushi restaurants, western restaurants (e.g. Denny's) and more. Even theJapanese Self Defense Forces(JSDF) who live essentially on this food. Curry rice is also a popular camping dish, and many families cook it during camping trips (againblackcurrydex). It's easy to make, easy to serve, easy to make and store, and delicious, not to mention customizable. You can add whatever you want including spices!

We understand it's a bit spicy.

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Super Hot Curry: A History of Curry Rice and Why It's Spicy (6)

Super Hot Curry: A History of Curry Rice and Why It's Spicy (7)

Ah, the weather! The curry sweats are available in different spice levels and flavors such as apple or honey. The invariably most popular varieties are 甘口 (Amakuchi, sweet) and 辛口 (Karakuchi, spicy). However, it is sometimes observed that マイルド (mairudo, mild) distinguishes between mild and spicy. Occasionally 中辛 (Chūkara, medium hot) is also used. In the table above, 普通 (Futsuu) or "Standard" appears for the popular restaurant chain Coco Ichibanya of Curry Rice. After that, go to Do's where there are numbered classifications. The best way to translate them is "Grade". So there is 一度 (ichido, first class) sometimes 五度 (godo, fifth), 六度 (rokudo, sixth), or even 八度 (hachido, eighth). It's unknown to what extent the dish is super-spicy curry, but I'd gamble a 十度 (jyūdo, tenth). Or maybe 百度 (hyakudo, hundredths), considering the flames going out. The hottest instant curry in Japan is 18 Curry (しゅうはつかれー, Jyūhachi Curry) as it is intended for people over the age of 18. So maybe something about that.

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Curry rice is a very important national dish that has managed to fully integrate into Japanese cuisine. It would be hard not to find this food in a restaurant in at least one of its forms; Curried bread, curried fries, curried udon and ramen, even curried pizza. He managed to please video games by being included insmashed,Kirby,Pokémon,Monsterjäger,The Legend of Zelda,Story of the Seasons/Harvest Moon, and just to name a few!

Super Hot Curry: A History of Curry Rice and Why It's Spicy (9)

Going back to what Sakurai said, I think he was asking if I understood what Superspicy Curry is and why it was included. I also think that Sakurai's question indicates a general Japanese tendency to be curious about Japanese food culture in foreign countries. I'd be rich if I made 100 yen (US$1) just by hearing "Do you eat sushi in America?", "Wow, you're good with chopsticks!", "Do you eat rice or bread for every meal? ' and 'Is this your first time ramen?' Sakurai was curious if the Treehouse members as well as you as an audience understood exactly what this Super Spicy Curry is! And now you know!

So why is super hot curry rice hot? As it's a staple in Japan, they love it, and there are adult-only curry levels, foxes, jokers, crocs, robots, dragons, black blobs, etc. Try it and I'm sure it you will like it! If you want to see Japanese curry rice recipes,You can here! I've even made curried rice for my friends and family in America so the ingredients are readily available. Maybe wait until the grocery stores are safe to enter.

Author's Note: Curry rice was one of the first things I was served when I first traveled to Japan over a decade ago. Even now, after living in Japan for ten years, I always look forward to seeing these things and always appreciate seeing them in games.


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