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Do you like me? A question that many people have a hard time answering.

When talking about humanity as a whole, people find it very uncomfortable to express their feelings. Forget it. We all have a hard time accepting our feelings these days, let alone expressing them to others.

I mean, half the time we're confused while validating our own feelings, so it's okay not to follow the other person into this confusion.

It takes a lot of self-reflection, honesty, and courage to share your feelings with your crush.

Well, according to the traditional approach, I advise you to strengthen your heart, confess your feelings, ask the girl of your dreams and try to make a real connection from the beginning.

While most people don't mind trying, many others don't even have the courage to think about being open about their feelings. Not to mention that the fear of rejection or not is not easy to overcome either.

But waiting and losing a hand in a possible happy relationship is also out of the question. So what to do in such a situation? Simple: watch and learn.

Do you need to check it out and find out if the girl who makes you wonder if she likes me or not is even slightly attracted to you?

Many times I have heard men around me say that it is very difficult to understand a woman's psychology because it works in the opposite direction from hers. But honestly, it's not that complicated, you just have to pay close attention to the little things.

This article aims to help you understand, did you like me? These are some of the actions of a woman that could take a look at her heart:

He liked 10 telltale signs.

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She Liked 10 Telltale Signs To Help You Out Of This Dilemma.

1. You usually get a yes from her.

A woman is hard to please, she wouldn't strike up a casual conversation with anyone and forcing them to do things they are not interested in is again a no zone.

However, if she has a crush on you, you can expect to get an affirmative answer to most of her questions. She will agree to go out and spend time with you whenever possible.

Someone who cares about you will find ways to spend more time with you. Don't mistake these attempts for desperation, instead he may just be trying to get to know you better out of genuine curiosity and interest in you.

2. She will look for ways and opportunities to be with you.

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She would look for opportunities and find different ways to spend time with you. On the other hand, if she isn't interested in you or she doesn't find you attractive, you won't see much initiative from her.

In general, women are considered to be more socially intelligent than men. A woman may not feel comfortable opening up to a man, but she will be happy to share her thoughts and feelings with someone she has feelings for.

She wouldn't give up on getting your attention if she liked you. So when her actions speak louder than her words, you'll know the answer, does she like me?

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3. He wants you to meet his friends and family.

Most women attach great importance to all the relationships that surround them. So if you want to know if he likes me or not, you have to understand your place among his friends and family.

She wants you to meet her people and will try to bond with you and others close to her if she has a thing for you.

At the same time, he would share things about you with his family or friends. Therefore, when you meet her, you will find that you are aware of your relationship with her for a long time.

A woman may avoid expressing her feelings to you, but she would not hesitate to express them to her loved ones.

Women tend to notice every little detail about their crush or love and share it with their loved ones.

4. You are curious about your life and your choices.

She likes me? 28 characters the answer is yes - theviolentheart (3)

A woman would like to know everything about your life if she is interested in you. She can even be irritating at times. But usually when a person is interested in you, they are curious to find out new things about you.

It is common for them to ask about various things or to be interested in learning about their life experiences. It's all part of a drive to get to know you better and, in the process, decide if you're someone they can see a future with.

Most of the time, she would be willing to ask you for your opinion, thoughts, or status on general life situations. If she really likes you, she might even consider your opinion about some of her decisions or about some things that confuse her.

5. Curiosity doesn't always kill the cat.

She would be curious about your past and your thoughts about the future. It is a good sign for you when she talks about her future or asks about her future plans, she shows her curiosity and curiosity.

A woman wants to be right about the decisions she makes in her life, so it's common for her to get to know him well or take it slow before fully committing. So if you feel questioned, I should know that it is a positive indication of your questioning. Do you like me?

6. He will act immature around you.

She likes me? 28 characters the answer is yes - theviolentheart (4)

A woman wants to be taken care of. She wants you to take responsibility and work for your life, but at the same time she wants your full attention and safety.

She may be strong and brave in her personal space, but she wants you to be there for her when she's vulnerable. A woman will act like a baby in front of you and engage in immature activities because she wants you to take care of her.

A woman may not say it, but she needs you to be around her and take care of her when she likes you.

If a woman acts like a baby in front of you, it doesn't necessarily mean that she is an immature person. You might find these actions a bit strange, but you'll soon realize that it's all worth it because the answer to the question of does he like me is probably yes.

7. He dresses to impress you.

A woman dresses wholeheartedly for herself until she starts to like someone else. If she is interested in you, she will try to look good and do her hair whenever she sees you.

Once he starts to like you, he will do everything he can to look his best. You can see the difference in her demeanor as well as her outward appearance when she is attracted to you.

You will be able to see your rallies in front of you and take them in the most sophisticated way.

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8. He would like to introduce himself as a beautiful soul to you.

She likes me? 28 characters the answer is yes - theviolentheart (5)

If a woman likes you, she will give you many hints and then it will be your duty to make sure you win her over.

He may not put it into words, but he will show it in his actions around you. Whenever we like someone in the back of our minds, we naturally strive to make them think well of us.

Likewise, when a woman is attracted to you, she behaves differently from others, that is, she can be very nice to you, show interest in good things, even be nice to others when she is around you, etc.

This doesn't mean he's faking his personality, just something that comes naturally when you like someone.

9. She will look for you when you are not around.

If you find out from others that he tried to track your whereabouts when you were not around, it is an indication that he has feelings for you.

When a lady is attracted to you, she will want your presence around her whenever she is out and about, and when her wishes go unfulfilled, disappointment is sure to ensue.

When a person is attracted to someone, they want to spend most of their time with the person they like and find excuses to be with them. When a woman is attracted to you, she wants to be close to you.

10. He will lower his guard for you.

She likes me? 28 characters the answer is yes - theviolentheart (6)

A woman in modern times considers several factors before giving up her surveillance and giving a man the right to enter her life.

She won't give up until she feels safe with you. A woman will never show the vulnerable side of her until she feels that everything she shares with you is safe and secure.

But if she's open about her feelings for you or lets you show her vulnerable side, then there's no other way to know that she's interested in you.

Confused if he likes me? Pay attention to these 15 signs.

Asking yourself this question can be nerve-wracking, but it's best to be sure of the answer before you take any steps to show him that you like him too.

Sometimes the signs aren't clear, but if you pay attention to what he's saying and doing around you, they'll become clearer over time. Here are 15 additional signs that the answer to the question of does he like me is yes.

1. She finds reasons to talk to you.

She likes me? 28 characters the answer is yes - theviolentheart (7)

If she keeps finding excuses to call you or strike up a conversation with you, that's a thumbs up for your question, does she like me?

You can ask about your day, talk about your day, chat, or tell funny stories to keep the conversation flowing. This is his way of showing interest in you and trying to get to know you better.

2. She pays attention when you talk.

When someone likes you, they want to know everything about you, which includes paying attention when you talk. If she can remember random facts and details about you that you mentioned in passing, that means you have her undivided attention.

So if she listens to your every word and asks follow-up questions, that's a sure sign that she's interested in you.

3. He laughs at your jokes.

She likes me? 28 characters the answer is yes - theviolentheart (8)

Even if you think your jokes aren't good, she'll laugh at them and appreciate your efforts to make her laugh. It's a clear sign of how much she likes her and she enjoys spending time with you.

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This is his way of flirting with you and showing you that he likes you and enjoys your company.

4. Mirror your body language.

When someone likes you, they will often mimic your body language to subconsciously show their interest. So if you catch her mimicking your posture or gestures, that's a good sign that she likes you.

It can be anything from how you move, walk, or how he leans into you when the two of you are outside together.

5. She touches you.

She likes me? 28 characters the answer is yes - theviolentheart (9)

Physical contact is a very powerful way to show someone that you care. So if she always touches you (not necessarily a
sexual nature), whether it's a pat on the back or a flick of the arm, it means she's completely in love with you and enjoying your physical company.

6. He looks at you quite often.

Eye contact is a very important part of human communication and is especially important when it comes to attraction. If she keeps looking at you, it's a sign that she's interested in what you have to say.

Sometimes women do this subconsciously too, which means that instead of paying attention, you'll find her looking into your eyes. It could also be his way of flirting with you, so don't be surprised if he holds your gaze a little longer than usual.

7. She blushes around you.

She likes me? 28 characters the answer is yes - theviolentheart (10)

One telltale sign that can let you know if he likes you is blushing when he's around you.

Especially if you make fun of her or compliment her. It could be because she likes you and is worried about making a good impression.

8. She congratulates you.

Everyone likes to make you feel good, and one of the ways she might try to make you feel good is by complimenting you.

Whether it's your appearance, your personality, how you do certain things, or how you decorated your home. If she is constantly trying to appreciate the good in you, you might consider a thumbs up for your question, does she like me?

9. She will do anything to help you.

She likes me? 28 characters the answer is yes - theviolentheart (11)

Whether she's doing you a favor or just being there for you when you need someone, if she always goes out of her way to help you, it's probably because she likes you and wants to make sure she does.

10. He wants to know where you are.

If the girl you're interested in picks you up at a party, dance, or other event and asks her friends if you're going or not, it shows that she likes you.

11. She will give you her full attention.

She likes me? 28 characters the answer is yes - theviolentheart (12)

Can you guess how much attention your love interest pays you to know the answer if he likes me?

For example, if you're out with her and she constantly checks her phone and talks about unnecessary things more than you or her, it's a sure sign that she doesn't like you. If she likes you, she will give you her full attention and talk about the things that interest her.

12. She will notice small changes in you.

If the girl/woman you like notices and comments on changes that other people don't notice, such as: a change of shoes, perfume or haircut, for example, it means that she also likes you and wants to go further.

13. She gets jealous when you talk about other women.

She likes me? 28 characters the answer is yes - theviolentheart (13)

Jealousy is often seen as a negative emotion, but it can actually be a sign of attraction. Do you want to know if your love interest is interested in you or not? He starts talking about other women in front of her.

If she likes you, she'll want to change the subject, act more calm, or insult her. If she does any of these things, it means that he wants you to be with her and not think about anyone else.

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You can also try to find out about your previous girlfriends in a roundabout way to see if you still have feelings for her.

14. She will share her future plan with you.

Another concrete sign that your woman likes you too is when she starts sharing her dreams and future plans with you and wants you to be a part of them.

For example, her choice of university, if she will attend an event and want you to accompany her, or give a presentation to a client and ask for their opinion.

It is his way of showing that he wants to move the relationship forward and that he is serious about you.

15. She is happy around you.

She likes me? 28 characters the answer is yes - theviolentheart (14)

Happiness is contagious and if she is always happy when she is around you, it means that your presence makes her feel good. It is a crucial factor in any relationship. A woman will only want to move forward in a relationship if you make her happy.

He's having a bad day and you walk by, look at his reaction, if he cheers up it's a clear sign that the answer to the question if he likes me is yes.

Observation tips when confused if he likes me or not?

You might get confused if you like someone and want to know about their feelings. However, you may be missing some obvious marks it leaves on you. Here are some tips that will help you see if she is attracted to you or not:

1. It's all in the eyes.

She likes me? 28 characters the answer is yes - theviolentheart (15)

More than any emotion, eye contact triggers attraction between two people, which eventually leads to greater intimacy in any relationship. When a woman is attracted to you, she will constantly make eye contact with you.

A person maintains eye contact with their partner to feel closer to her. Small glances in your direction or prolonged eye contact are signs of attraction. So when a woman likes you, it's evident through her eyes.

2. You meddle in your personal life

Women are attracted to the person who is important in their life. However, if they are not attracted to you, they will keep their distance from you.

If you are still suspicious of his feelings towards you, focus more on his position around you, especially in a group of people.

When he sits next to you, he stays close to you or even tries to get really close to you in a group of people (or friends). Then it is a clear sign that she feels safe by your side and maybe she has feelings for you too.

The stronger a woman's feelings for you are, the more you will feel her presence in your personal space.

3. You will feel her presence even when she is not around.

She likes me? 28 characters the answer is yes - theviolentheart (16)

When a lady has feelings for you, she will go out of her way to be close to you. It is very easy to know if the presence of someone around you is for specific reasons of work or interest in you.

A woman does everything possible to be with the man who is of great value in her life. That way, when you find a woman who will always be there for you, through happy times and hard times, even without necessarily starting physically, you know that she has strong feelings for you.

Conclusion: do you like me?

Reviewing any signs or information that help you understand a woman's feelings for you. You must remember that everyone is different and has different ways of feeling or expressing things.

At the end of the day, even if you feel (I'm not sure) that the woman in question has no feelings for you, you should still express your feelings to her.

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One because you feel like it has nothing for you, you don't know for sure. Second, because it can lead to something very special and beautiful in your life.

Third, because regret is something you don't want in life. Trust me, it's a very powerful feeling that ends up hurting you in more ways than rejection, and four because even if you get no, you still get closure and satisfaction, at least you do. and if.

Thank you for being with me until the end.


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