Quetiapine Drug Class: Is Seroquel a Controlled Substance? (2023)

Quetiapine is a commonly prescribed medication that is commonly used to treat certain mental illnesses. Many people ask what the quetiapine class of drugs is. Knowing the drug class information for Seroquel can help the patient understand what type of drug they are using.Taking it for anything other than the prescribed reason may cause unpleasant effects.. So is Seroquel a narcotic or a benzodiazepine? Read on to learn more about drug classification.

Overview of the Seroquel review

What class of drugs is quetiapine? This medicine has several indications; Because of this, some patients may be confused about their classification.

serial isclassified as aatypical antipsychoticmedicine. This classification is also known as second generation antipsychotics and serotonin dopamine antagonists. This classification of Seroquel means that it is designed to treat mental illnesses such as bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, and depression.

Let's take a look at other common concerns about the classification of this drug.

Is Seroquel a narcotic?

Generally,narcoticsThey are often described as substances that tend to induce addictive behavior in the user. Several drugs are classified as narcotics. This usually includes opium. All opium derivatives and drugs known as semi-synthetic opium substitutes are also classified as narcotics.

The quetiapine drug class is not a narcotic. Although there are people who abuse it, its classification has nothing to do with opium or its derivatives.

Is Seroquel an SSRI?

Because of the psycheEffect of Quetiapine, some people tend to ask if it is an SSRI antidepressant. The Seroquel Reviewdoes not fall into the category ofSSRIs. This is true even though the use of the drug can produce an antidepressant effect in the person taking it.

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The term SSRI refers to a variety of drugs classified as selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors. The mechanism of action of these drugs causes the levels of serotonin in the brain to increase. It is important to note that quetiapine does not interact with serotonin.

Is it a benzo?

Benzodiazepinesis a term used to refer to a specific personset of tranquilizers. The most common types of benzos includeXanaxmiValium. Other options are also available. The use of benzo causes the patient to experience a sedative effect. Hence a Seroquel benzoyl associationIt is not valid.

It is not recommended to combine quetiapine with benzodiazepines as it may cause side effectsSeroquel overdose.

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Is Seroquel an MAOI?

MAOIs are a class of antidepressants, also calledmonoamine oxidase inhibitors. These drugs are considered fairly powerful antidepressants. The effects that quetiapine has on the body have many wondering if the drug is an MAOI. If you're reviewing a question about the Seroquel drug class, it's important to note that this drugnot classified as a MAOI. Similar to MAOIs, howeverdrink on quetiapinecan lead to serious side effects.

Is Seroquel an opioid?

opioid drugsare widespread and contain the active ingredient opium. In some cases, opium derivatives can be used as opiates. When considering the classification of Seroquel, the drugnot prescribed for pain management. The medicine does not contain opium or derivatives of this specific ingredient.

Is it an antidepressant?

The drug acts on the brain and is particularly useful for certain mental illnesses. When asked about the drug class, quetiapine is often thought of as an antidepressant. It should be noted that this is the casenot the official ratingfor quetiapine.

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Although not officially part of the quetiapine classification, the drug isoften used ascomplementary medicinefor patients who have common symptoms associated with depression.

Is it a sedative?

The drug's effects may also have led some people to think that the quetiapine class of drugs is a tranquilizer. Just as Seroquel isn't recommended for dementia, so is the drugnot commonly used as a sedative. It is better for a patient to get benzo if they need a sedative.

Is it a mood stabilizer?

Quetiapine is not officially classified as a mood stabilizer. However, this drug generally acts as a mood stabilizer for certain mood disorders, such as: B. Bipolar disorders. This was confirmed in a research conducted bya psychotropic drug.

Is Seroquel a controlled substance?

A controlled substance is a prescription or illegal drugregulatedFor the government. The controlled substances list generally includes drugs with potential for abuse and addiction. Examples of controlled substances areHydrocodon, Xanax,Cocaine, and another.

Is Seroquel still a controlled substance? Although he has earned an illegal reputation,not on the controlled substances list. There is still concern that people will try to inhale the drug as the substance is known to produce some recreational effects.

Please note that recreational use of this substance can have dangerous health consequences.

Although quetiapine is not on the controlled substances list, it is optionalonly for patients with a valid prescription. Keep in mind that someone could get into legal trouble if they try to buy it off the street.

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Take the medicine carefully

Although quetiapine can be prescribed frequently, people should exercise caution when using the drug. Understanding the Seroquel drug class should be important to anyone considering drug use. The person must also understanddrug metabolismand how it works in the body.

However, when prescribed with this antipsychotic, the person should exercise caution and follow the doctor's instructions. This is also important to knowcan cause weight gainin some patients. There are certain caveats to using the drug.

the study alreadyconfirmedthat there is oneproblem regardingQuetiapine abuse. Eventually, misuse can lead to dependence and dependency on this drug. If a user decides to stop the medication,withdrawal symptomsIt will happen. Addiction requires immediate attention fromaddiction treatmenttailor-made expertsRehabilitationProgram will help deal with abuse in the most effective way.

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