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It is very important that your doctor monitors your child's progress at regular visits to make sure this medicine is working properly. Blood and urine tests may be needed to check for adverse effects. You may also need regular eye exams.

This medicine can increase the effects of alcohol and other CNS depressants (medicines that make you drowsy or less alert). Some examples of CNS depressants include antihistamines or medications for hay fever, other allergies or colds, sedatives, tranquilizers, or sleeping pills, prescription pain relievers or narcotics, anti-seizure medications or barbiturates, muscle relaxants, or anesthetics, including some dental anesthetics. Consult your doctor before taking any of the above medicines while using quetiapine.

In some patients, this drug may increase suicidal thoughts. Tell your doctor right away if you start to feel more depressed or have thoughts of harming yourself. Report any unusual thoughts or behavior that are worrying you, especially if they are new or getting worse quickly. Be sure to tell your doctor if you have trouble sleeping, get excited easily, have a big rush of energy, or act recklessly. Also tell your doctor if you have sudden or strong feelings, such as B. nervousness, anger, restlessness, violence or fear. Tell your doctor if you or anyone in your family has bipolar disorder (manic depression) or has attempted suicide.

Quetiapine may cause drowsiness, trouble thinking, problems controlling body movements, or vision problems (especially in the first week of use), which can lead to falls, fractures, or other injuries. Do not drive or do anything that might be dangerous until you know how this medicine affects you.

This medicine can increase blood sugar levels. Talk to your doctor right away if you feel thirsty or have an urge to urinate. If you have diabetes, your urine or blood sugar test results may change. Monitor your blood sugar closely and talk to your doctor if you have any concerns.

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See your doctor right away if you experience seizures (fits), trouble breathing, fast heartbeat, high fever, high or low blood pressure, increased sweating, loss of bladder control, severe muscle stiffness, unusually pale skin, or tiredness. These could be symptoms of a serious condition called Neuroleptic Malignant Syndrome (NMS).

Dizziness, dizziness, or fainting may occur, especially if you get up suddenly from a lying or sitting position. Standing up slowly can help. If the problem persists or worsens, see your doctor.

Quetiapine can temporarily decrease the number of white blood cells in your blood, making it more likely to get an infection. It can also decrease the number of platelets needed for proper blood clotting. If this happens, there are certain precautions you can take to reduce the risk of infection or bleeding, especially if your blood count is low:

  • If possible, avoid people with infections. See your doctor right away if you think you may have an infection, or if you have a fever or chills, cough or hoarseness, lower back or flank pain, or pain or difficulty urinating.
  • See your doctor right away if you notice unusual bleeding or bruising, black or dark stools, blood in your urine or stools, or red spots on your skin.
  • Be careful when using a regular toothbrush, dental floss, or toothpick. Your doctor, dentist or nurse may recommend other ways to clean your teeth and gums. Consult your doctor before performing any dental work.
  • Don't touch your eyes or the inside of your nose unless you've washed your hands and haven't touched anything else in the meantime.
  • Be careful not to cut yourself when using sharp objects such as a safety razor or nail or toenail clippers.
  • Avoid contact sports or other situations where bruising or injury may occur.

This drug can cause tardive dyskinesia (a movement disorder). Contact your doctor right away if you experience pursed or pursed lips, swollen cheeks, fast or wormy movements of the tongue, uncontrolled chewing movements, or uncontrolled movements of the arms and legs.

Quetiapine can increase cholesterol and blood lipids. When this condition occurs, your doctor may prescribe medications to lower your cholesterol and blood fat levels.

This medicine can increase your weight. Your doctor may need to check your weight regularly while using this medication.

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Your blood pressure will need to be checked before you start taking this medicine and while you are using it. If you notice any changes in your recommended blood pressure, contact your doctor immediately. If you have any concerns about this, talk to your doctor.

This drug can cause changes in heart rhythm, such as B. A condition called QT prolongation. It can change the way your heart beats and cause fainting or serious side effects. Contact your doctor right away if you have symptoms of abnormal heart rhythms, such as B. a fast, pounding, or irregular heartbeat.

Quetiapine can make it harder for the body to cool down. It could reduce the amount of sweat. Your body can get very hot if you don't sweat enough. If your body gets too hot, you may feel dizzy, weak, tired, or confused. You may throw up or have an upset stomach. Don't get too hot when exercising. Avoid very hot places. Call your doctor if you are too hot to cool down.

Do not suddenly stop taking this medication without first consulting your doctor. Your doctor may want you to gradually reduce the amount you use before stopping completely. This reduces the likelihood of withdrawal symptoms such as nausea, vomiting, insomnia, dizziness, irritability, or headaches.

Before medical examinations, tell the doctor treating you that you are taking this medicine. The results of some tests (e.g. urine drug tests) can be affected by this medicine.

Do not take any other medicines unless you have discussed this with your doctor. This includes prescription or over-the-counter (OTC) medications and herbal (e.g., St. John's Wort) or vitamin supplements.

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