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People with schizophrenia seem to be disconnected from reality due to an intellectual disability. With schizophrenia, a person can hear voices and sounds that are not there. The same applies to seeing things that others cannot see.hallucinationsThey happen when someone sees something that doesn't exist. People with schizophrenia may notice that the walls of a room are moving. They can be told to behave in a certain way by voices constantly speaking to them.catatonic behavior, a split personality or antisocial behavior are some of the symptoms of schizophrenia.

They may hear voices telling them to do unhealthy things. They occasionally hear voices saying that they are not a good person. Others also believe that they received messages from television. Some hear voices on the radio or see license plates and road signs. People often feel paranoid when they experience these symptoms. Schizophrenia usually causes a person to feel threatened or to be watched by other people. Although these are false beliefs, they seem real to people with this mental illness.

Mental illnesses like schizophrenia make their job difficult. EITHERSocial Security Administrationoffers two different types of disability benefits. This includes compensation for disability orDisability Insurance (SSDI). The insurance is sometimes called Title II benefits. Besides,Supplemental Security Income (SSI)is available to those who qualify.

Causes of schizophrenia

The causes and origins of schizophrenia are unknown. Symptoms of schizophrenia include unusual behavior, disorganized speech, and a lack of interest in daily activities.

A person with schizophrenia may also have problems with concentration and memory. Mental disorders such as schizophrenia may require long-term treatment. Medicine, psychotherapy, and specialized services from mental health professionals are part of the treatment process. For a full list of these disorders, seeNational Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) website.

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Is schizophrenia a disability?

The short answer to the question "Is schizophrenia a disability?" Yes it is. Schizophrenia prevents him from working. The symptoms of schizophrenia are so severe that you cannot work. Your symptoms may not be under control even if you take medicine. You must apply for SSD and SSI disability benefits if you are unable to work due to a mental illness that has lasted more than 12 months.

How can you prove a disability if you have schizophrenia?

You may be entitled to Social Security disability benefits if you are unable to work due to schizophrenia or a psychotic disorder. Psychotic disorders are discussed inListing 12.03by the SSA. For example, the SSA looks at psychotic disorders that involve delusions, such as hearing voices or seeing things that are not there. You can see things that aren't there when you have visual hallucinations. Auditory hallucinations occur when you hear something that is not there.

To determine eligibility for the disability benefit, the SSA uses Schedule 12.03 to define psychotic disorders. As described in Schedule 12.03, you must document the following symptoms to show that you are disabled.

Listing 12.03 for Schizophrenia and Other Psychotic Disorders

The SSA schizophrenia list is below. All elements of each category must be present to satisfy the listing. Medical records must include these items, as well as confirmation from your doctor. Ideally, a psychiatrist will treat you for schizophrenia.

12.03 Schizophrenia spectrum and other psychotic disorders (see 12.00B2) meeting A and B or A and C:

Phone A

  • You need medical documentation for any or all of the following:
  1. hallucinations or delusions;
  2. Having a disorganized thought process (speech)
  3. Extremely disorganized or catatonic behavior.


part B

  • The following mental functions are severely affected in one or both directions (see 12.00F):
  1. Understand, remember or apply information (see 12.00E1).
  2. Participate in interpersonal interactions (see 12.00E2).
  3. Focus, persevere or keep up (see 12.00E3).
  4. Customize or manage it yourself (see 12.00E4).


Part C

  • There is evidence of a severe and persistent mental disorder in this listing category. At least two years have passed since his diagnosis and he has a documented history of the disorder.
  1. The provision of ongoing medical care, mental health therapy, psychological support or other forms of structured care to alleviate your symptoms or signs of mental illness (see 12.00G2b); Is
  2. Marginal adjustment describes a person who is unable to adapt to changes in their environment or to demands that are not yet a part of their daily life (see 12.00G2c).

For symptoms of schizophrenia to meet Listing 12.03, you must have very severe symptoms. A person with schizophrenia has usually been hospitalized and mentally treated, as you can see. Medication and counseling are often part of the treatment. A person must have severe symptoms that prevent them from attending school or working to be eligible for benefits. Schizophrenia severely affects the ability to participate in social events, including religious services and social gatherings. You may also find it difficult to perform simple activities of daily living. Cooking, cleaning and doing laundry alone is extremely difficult.

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seek professional help

The first step in treating schizophrenia is to see a psychiatrist. These are doctors who can prescribe medicine to treat mental illness. In addition, you should consult a psychologist or counselor. Your counselor, psychiatrist or psychologist will provide you with the necessary evidence for the SSA.

Also, you should receive progress notes from your provider. Doctors and consultants write progress notes when they see it. The SSA will review your medical records to determine if you are eligible for disability benefits. You must provide progress reports and your physician's opinion to be considered for 12.03 benefits.

schizophrenia treatment


individual psychotherapy

Psychiatrists and therapists can help you control your thoughts and behaviors. By learning about your disease, you will be able to know what is real and what is not. This way you can deal with paranoia. In addition, it can help you manage your relationships with other people. know more about itdifferent forms of psychotherapy.

Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT)

Cognitive behavioral therapy can change a person's thinking. Voices and hallucinations can be treated with the help of a therapist. Finally, with the help of CBT sessions and medication, you can identify what triggers your psychotic episodes. Plus, it can prevent or reduce episodes.

specialized treatment

Coordinated specialized care (CSC)

People experiencing their first psychotic episode are likely to have this type of case. Therapy and medication are combined in this form of treatment. It may also include job search assistance. The family is also included in this type of treatment whenever possible. This treatment is based on the principle that it is crucial to detect and stop a disease at an early stage. Early treatment of schizophrenia has the best long-term results in disease management.

Assertive Community Treatment (ACT)

People with schizophrenia can receive face-to-face services as part of this type of treatment. Whether at work or at home, you may need help taking your medications or interacting with other people. ACT professionals support you in overcoming these daily challenges.

Contact a Social Security Lawyer

In order for your disability case to be successful, you need the help of an attorney. The attorney will represent your claim and help you every step of the way. You can get help filling out forms or having them reviewed. You can also submit an application online and appeal against the rejection.

They will also assist you in a hearing before a disability judge. Before his hearing, they make sure the judge has a copy of his medical records. You will then meet with them to discuss your hearing and prepare for the judge's questions.

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Applying for Social Security benefits can be an overwhelming process. If you are interested in taking advantage of SSDI benefits, please read our article onhow disability insurance benefits are calculated. For more information, visit DisabilityHelp.org today.

Do you qualify?

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Having schizophrenia is considered a disability (1)

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How much disability will I get for schizophrenia? ›

Qualifying for Long-Term Disability with Schizophrenia

These benefits are usually paid at a rate of 50 to 60% of your monthly salary and may last for anywhere from 24 months to retirement age.

What type of disability is schizophrenia? ›

Schizophrenia is a serious mental illness and is considered to be a disability if you meet the requirements of Listing 12.03, Schizophrenia spectrum and other psychotic disorders, in its Listing of Impairments.

Is schizophrenia a mental illness or disability? ›

Schizophrenia is a mental disorder characterized by disruptions in thought processes, perceptions, emotional responsiveness, and social interactions. Although the course of schizophrenia varies among individuals, schizophrenia is typically persistent and can be both severe and disabling.

What benefits can I claim if I have schizophrenia? ›

The SSA can assist a person with schizophrenia as the administration considers it a disability. To qualify for disability benefits, a person with schizophrenia will have to meet the SSA criteria and show that their condition is persistent and severe and prevents them from engaging in substantial gainful activity.

Can I work if I have schizophrenia? ›

New research shows that people who have schizophrenia can still live independently, pursue higher education or hold down a demanding job. In fact, many do manage their illness and live full and highly productive lives.


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