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The United Nations declared 1985 the "International Year of Youth" and on the streets of Chicago thousands of young people are fighting for survival as gang warfare continues. Under Mayor Harold Washington, Chicago's monstrous political machine seems preoccupied with its own race war, the so-called Council Wars.

On the streets of the Northside, the renowned Gaylords Nation are the main white street gang involved and they have joined the Popular Union fighting firmly with the rival Popular Unity Death Star. Of about ten sites claimed by the Gaylords, three defensive nests occupied by Latino gangs agitated around them by tidal waves lie north of the Humboldt Park area. From a bird's eye view, these three Gaylords' Hoods are restrictive streets, each of which can be viewed as their own crossword configurations, where you can spell GAYLORDS here or there, up or down, in a line or two. in different directions. ; If you cross these lines, you are in the danger zone, and the reaper is waiting for the result. In their ranks, the Gaylords have brave hearts with "Made in America" ​​on their heads as they trudge through terrible chaos on a daily basis. Also in their ranks are the poor, the homeless, the malnourished and the innocent pushed into the situation by the Latino gangs that made their little Echo system.

1985, in Lawndale-N-Altgeld, Gaylords is a religion where young people offered sacrifices day and night in the hope that God would see the emergency and somehow bless them in the midst of tribulation. As you stand on the volcanic rim of Ridgeway-N-Fullerton at night, you will diligently stand where others have bled and died in their past history. Looking directly at the heavy traffic, a defensive barrier in itself, his gaze towards the temple of destruction. Rival Imperial gangsters cluster about five blocks apart in Palmer-N-Drake. Adding insult to injury, between the Imperial Gangsters and his post, the Spanish Cobras and Manic Latino Disciples have injected themselves at various locations within about three blocks of their own habitat. On the right, two Imperial gangster camps are active with their activities along with two bands from the Albany Orchestra. Unfortunately for the Gaylords, these monstrosities are happily united among the merged races. Jenals, the downbeat dance club, and Kelvyn Park High School are to the west, both celebrations of pure folkloric parties when the business lights come on. About a year and a half ago a group of many people came out of Jenals and as usual went to another wrecking show to see if they could dance the Gaylords wild. On that particular night of cannon fire, Chief, a gay Native American lord, fired a fatal bullet as he backed away, knocking out another comrade. From this Gaylord cabin, head south about 4 blocks into town and you'll find another white gang. The Simon City Royals are twisted into place, floating unaffected by all those special ties around the Gaylords as they, too, ride among the fused people; The cunning gallows witches collectively adhered to all its dirty walls. Those Simon City Royals killed one of their own last November, a 14-year-old gaylord, when he and three other newcomers were trying to paint and customize the royal cowl.


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Mural de Lawndale y Altgeld

Yes, that was the general perception in Lawndale-N-Altgeld, where they defended their deep pocket while others tried to quench the pulse of their pride. Commuters from other parts of the city frequently arrived to help: Kilbourn Park, Sayre Park, Moffat-N-Campbell and Palmer Street. There were also sympathetic observers and regular residents who showed their support in one way or another, after all, this is a cultural takeover, the violent transformation of an entire neighborhood. And this mess hasn't always rained down on Latino gangs armed with guns, with frequent panic attacks when they've been lured into the net by cops hunting large animals; The Gaylords have unforgettable moments using soft drinks to calm confused minds. Like other gay Converse-to-concrete gentlemen before them, they are given beer intravenously and some turn to pot snorters while a seductress fools them by their side. But even those moments were stolen by some malfunctioning armed criminals that needed to be tuned properly.

Uptown White Poverty

Going back in time to the summer of 1985, the dire situation of Lawndale-N-Altgeld lies just over five miles southwest of Uptown. Poverty-stricken families uptown are desperate for White Flight tickets, as they are in many of Chicago's 77 areas. With spots dubbed Dead Mans Alley by area residents, it's obvious Uptown is dark. Set loosely between the graffitied brick walls of two cemeteries, St. Bonafice and Graceland, the Gaylords of Sunnyside-N-Magnolia are very much in tune with the reality of deadly madness. Sewn into the ruined houses and mansions, the Gaylords are rogue sentinels in the seedy world around them. To the west, outside the Gaylords' borders, graze the Brazers, who dot their Mexican "Bz" and anti-Gaylords brands over Chase Park. There are other risky businesses on the city's sidewalk when gaylords roam, black gangs mix in pretty much like the Harrison Gents and Black Gangster Disciples, plus popular merchants with six-pointed star insignia. Popular gangs are in the area to balance out these black gangs like the Black P. Stones and the Latin Kings. Latin kings have more than three castles in the corners. But even though she and the Gaylords are both in the Rotary of the People coalition, these two groups often clash culturally in this arcade packed with crazed artists.

Sunnyside suffrage has a certain tone, the creativity of the Gaylords is applied to the contrasting, often enclosed structures that surround the Gaylords to inspire and define their existence. However, all other aspirations to achieve something better in life seem to have been dashed by the same hardship that dooms them all here. These gaylords already have their true callings in life, career crosses and hooded musketeers. And with policing comes celebration, the Gaylords kick back on Magnolia Street like beer lovers. Sometimes passing police cars don't even bother to interfere with your free time. Like other parts of the Gaylords, there are no hard drug deals here. It's not that certain individuals are insignificant buyers or passers-by of marijuana, they are. But when it comes to heroin, cocaine, crack, the Gaylords don't have highway operations. Many men view the sale of drugs as taboo, which attracts the big police, or in some way curse their neighborhoods. Ultimately, the entire Gaylords story up to this point is about hood protection, not drug dealing. This is for the Latino and black gangs to go deeper.

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Uptown Gaylords: Sunnyside y Magnolia

A mile west of Uptown, gray-clad Gaylords fill the Seeley-n-Ainslie Exhibition, their attention drawn to Damen Avenue as they sit in Winnemac Park, their wooden benches with primitive Gaylord graphics crudely etched and branded with sharpie. One thing the werewolves are howling at the moon for is the territorial Bz the Brazers are spraying on the city walls, which have three enemy farms to the east: Lawrence-N-Paulina, Ashland-N-Ainslie, Chase Park . The Gaylords are also on high alert about the Maniac Latin Disciples at John Coonley School. To most sections of Gaylord, the Popes appear to be a defunct sect, but there are small gatherings of them in places like Mather Park. Another contender for Seeley-N-Ainslie are the Simon City Royals, who can appear on the Bell School playground. By the way, while the kingdoms of other gay overlords are humanly susceptible to the chance discoverer of the Latin King, the Latin Kings are frozen in Seeley-N-Ainslie because Honkey was murdered by them in the late 1970s.

Gaylords of Cleveland School

Another gray area is the Cleveland School, which has had the Gaylords of Pride since the 1970s, who have been headlining for several years. Not only have they been watchmen in their own neighborhood of late, but they've also been in constant company with Kilbourn Park.

At Muralified Kilbourn Park, you'll find dark creatures, gaylords, on dry land. Latino gangs are complete fools to even think of doing business here. Currently, however, these Gaylords are embroiled in a feudal firestorm with the Simon City Royals. Road trips sponsored by Iron Maiden-minded, Ozzy-spirited Gaylords are common, spraying paint with inkjets and cannons at true crossroads: California-N-Fletcher, Albany-N-School. The main spikes are the Simon City Royals from this Kosciusko Park horror show. At one point, some of these royals infiltrated the territory of the gay lords and set up a shadow residence, and there were shootouts during the eviction process. In 1986, on a night celebrating the Gaylords' downtime, while gathering in the middle of a supportive resident's porch, the Simon City Royals swung their blasters across the street and ran into a pregnant woman in the middle of the street. celebrating crowd. In retaliation for this disrespect and others, a gay gentleman appears to kill in Kosciusko Park and a real boss, Casper, is killed.

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Kilbourn Park Mural

1987, the year Mayor Harold Washington dies of a heart attack, is also a year of blood sport in the streets with the victims of the Gaylords. A gay Cleveland school gentleman, Klish, is shot dead by a Simon City Royal while Klish attempts to physically help another gay gentleman who was hit by bullets late at night. In Lawndale-N-Altgeld, they mourn the loss of Lil Rocker, who was killed by Perfecto Aquino, a bullet-crazed member of the Albany Orchestra. They then mourn Cricket's death in Sunnyside-N-Magnolia. Also, by late 1987, shelters in Lawndale-N-Altgeld, Moffat-N-Campbell and Palmer Street are battle-weary and their neighborhoods sick as storage containers for illegal immigrants, Latino gangs, flooded sidewalks from the town.

In the depths of White Wonderland, the C-Notes circulating the Jefferson Park CTA Terminal are in an anti-Gaylords frenzy, even though there are no Gaylords parked nearby. C-Notes shamelessly throws out dollar sign business cards displaying insults like upside down gaylord crosses on fire and engages in an elaborate propaganda war with these gaylord bastards. There are no fatal incidents, just the occasional bluff as the C-Notes catch Gaylords here and there in their green web and cause physical pain and aches and pains. But then again, to the Gaylords, like the ones in Dunham Park, which is over a mile away, Spider-Man threw and crushed some C-Notes. Coincidentally, there were several C-Notes next to the Sayre Park Gaylords. , but the Gaylords catapulted them out of there.

By the time 1990 rolled around, Dunham Park Gaylords had declared bankruptcy, as had its side, Narraganset-N-Montrose. After all, it's a white wonderland without the intrusion of Latino gangs, so there's really no urgency for field deployment; It is time to look for other progressive options in life. Another notable section to break is Leavitt-N-Leavitt, which has some combative moments, does some glorious color posters of Gaylord photos, but still disappears. The culprits are the Latino gangs fueled by their immigration. Other previously claimed sections are Diversey-N-Rockwell and Cleveland School. As for Cleveland, other than Klish's death, there just isn't much sustainability at its base, mainly because there isn't a next generation waiting to grow and fill out its Converse. By 1984, Long-N-Oakdale had a handful of representatives from the Gaylord cause, but they, too, left its facilities. Some of them fill the ranks of the newborn Central-N-Berteau.

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logan square rims

In 1990, these aren't the only street corners vacated by the Gaylords. Lawndale-N-Altgeld, Moffat-N-Campbell and Palmer Street are drawing their broken curtains. In Lawndale-N-Altgeld, the curtains close on the gruesome final scene of a Latino gang shooting a gaylord, crippling him for life. And that act is followed by another Latino gang shooting some gay men of the night and a young woman is shot in the neck by herself. Years later, she dies from complications.

In the mid-1970s, Lawndale-Palmer-Moffat together, a mile apart, might have been considered safe bases on a undulating beach where the armada of Puerto Rican and Mexican gangs had just landed. White Flight's panic had already set in as the telescopic eyes saw the waves crashing from the armada in the distance. And as 1990 approaches, more than 50,000 whites and other Americanized people have left the entire region. Ultimately, the results show that all these well-to-do residents and inflexible gay gentlemen have been ethically swept away.

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When King David died in 1974, the new umbrella organization was the Black Gangster Disciples (BGDs). However, in 1978 three groups splintered off from the BGDs all having their origins from the original Devils Disciples (BGs, GDs, and BDs). The splintering was due to the individual leaders.

Does Chicago have a lot of gangs? ›

Chicago is considered the most gang-occupied city in the United States, with a population ranging from 100,000 active members from over 70 gangs with more than 150,000 members. Gang warfare and retaliation is common in Chicago. Gangs were responsible for 61% of the homicides in Chicago in 2011.

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The Black Gangster Disciples split into a number of factions, including the Black Disciples (BD) and the Gangster Disciples (GD). The different sects technically remained affiliated under the Folk Nation alliance of gangs, rival to the People Nation, both based in the Chicago area.

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