chest pain from smoking weed (2023)

If you're reading this, it's probably because you're going through it.chest pain from smoking weed.

First things first, don't panic.

There are a number of reasons why you might experience chest pain after smoking marijuana, which can result from excess smoke from inhaling tar, tar, or mold, and can even be caused by anxiety-inducing strains.

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We'll cover the 4 reasons why you might have Having chest pain from smoking marijuana and what to do about it es!

Other problems that arise can be much more serious and require medical attention that may not be related to marijuana use.

If you want to know the difference between mild chest pains caused by smoking hashish and more serious chest pains that require medical advice, you've come to the right article!

*Disclaimer: This article was not written or reviewed by a physician. Contact a healthcare professional immediately if you are concerned about the symptoms you are experiencing*

There are 4 main reasons that can cause pain in the lungs after smoking marijuana. Know what they are and how to alleviate themChest pain when smoking marijuana.

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4 Reasons Your Lungs Hurt After Smoking Marijuana

There are several problems that are said to be the cause of chest pain from marijuana smoking. These reasons include tar and tar, mold in the grass, panic attacks caused by strains, and holding on to the grass too long after a crack. Each of these is often the culprit for mild chest discomfort from marijuana smoking.

Here are 4 factors ofWhy do your lungs hurt after smoking marijuana?:

Chest pains from smoking marijuana - tar and resin

Do you know the resin and tar in marijuana smoke? The buildup in your lungs begins the moment you take your first puff. When you look at a new bong after smoking your first bowl, you can immediately see the tar and pitch building up with your own eyes. The same goes for your lungs.

Tar and tar buildup can cause a very heavy and uncomfortable sensation in the lungs and chest.Also, the resin and tar can cause lung irritation and trigger a coughing fit if you have asthma or similar pre-existing lung conditions. More information on the effect ofmarijuana and asthma.

To prevent tar and pitch from building up in your lungs, be sure to use a triple carbon filter.marijuana filterfor joints, blunts, bongs and vape pens.

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moose labspeace in the mouthmiBocaPeace MiniIt has a three-layer activated carbon filter that is proven to filter out tar and remove weed smoke without removing the good stuff. MouthPeace users claim that using these weed filters helped control coughing and lung irritation. Also, your ribs will be tastier and cleaner.

Chest hurts after smoking weed - mold on the weed

Moldy weed is another cause of chest pain from smoking marijuana. Marijuana molds have been found primarily on medium-grade marijuana and unregulated recreational marijuana. So if you're buying premium cannabis, it's probably not the cause of your chest pain. But cases of Aspergillus mold have been found even on prime weeds. Marijuana is a plant; it's alive, which means it can harbor mold.

You may see moldy grass as a fuzzy white film, like you might have seen on a fruit. If you find mold on your weed, you should throw it away and find a better source that sells premium varieties of weed.

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Chest pain from smoking too much - anxiety and panic attacks

In smaller doses, marijuana activates the sympathetic nervous system. Heart rate and blood pressure increase, and the flow of oxygen to the heart muscle is slightly restricted. It's common to experience shortness of breath, but that doesn't mean you're not breathing.

Shallow breathing can make you more likely to have a panic attack, especially if you're feeling anxious. This is because as your heart rate increases, it becomes more difficult to take a deep breath. When that happens, it triggers a panic, which only perpetuates the shortness of breath. Additionally, certain types of marijuana strains are known to increase paranoia and anxiety; stay away from them.

If this happens to you, don't panic. This is common and can be relieved by breathing in for 5 seconds and out for 5 seconds. No, no grass, just oxygen.

Do this for 5 breaths and you will find that your breathing may deepen and the shortness of breath should lessen.

Smoking too much THC when your body has not developed a tolerance is also a factor that increases anxiety and panic attacks. Just stay safe and smoke what your body can handle so you can work on it and build up a tolerance.

Marijuana Chest Pain: Holding Weed Too Long

The fourth reason you experience chest pain from marijuana is because you've been holding crack for too long. The amount of THC absorbed into the lungs occurs in the first second after touching the lungs. The longer you hold a puff, the more you deprive your brain of oxygen, which can trigger a panic attack. make sure you understandhow to inhale marijuana.

When to worry about chest pain after smoking marijuana

Having chest pains after smoking marijuana can be scary. Especially if you've never tried it before or are new to smoking weed.

It is common to experience chest pains when inhaling smoke from anything, not just marijuana. This is due to irritation of the lungs which causes coughing.

However, there are clear signs of much more serious health problems that may not be related to marijuana. In these cases, it is advisable to immediately call a doctor or the emergency number 911. Read on to learn what signs to look out for.

Is Marijuana Really Giving My Chest Pain?

No matter what, smoking anything, be it marijuana or tobacco, can cause chest pain. This is because a foreign substance (smoke) gets into your lungs. In this case, the smoke irritates the lungs, which causes coughing. Coughing is your body's attempt to clear your lungs of foreign smoke. This usually goes away in a few minutes.

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Mild chest pain from a coughing fit is common.

There are other things to note that are unusual. See a doctor immediately if you experience any of the following symptoms:

  1. severe chest pain
  2. Having chest pains when exercising
  3. Chest pain comes on suddenly out of nowhere
  4. Chest pain that lasts 15 minutes or more
  5. if the pain spreads to other parts of the body (jaw, upper back, left arm)
  6. Chest pain plus palpitations, overheating, dizziness and nausea, shortness of breath

The above list are signs of more serious problems in the body that need medical attention. Do not allow these symptoms to persist without consulting a doctor.

Why am I short of breath when I smoke marijuana?

When you inhale marijuana smoke, it first enters your lungs. The smoke from the lungs is then absorbed into the bloodstream. Once in the bloodstream, the smoke and its compounds are distributed through the veins and reach the heart and brain.

As the compounds in cannabis smoke permeate the entire body, every cell is touched and affected.

Because your entire body is affected by smoking marijuana, you may experience panic attacks, which can increase shortness of breath or the sensation of shallow breathing.

Your sympathetic nervous system is activated when you smoke marijuana, which increases your blood pressure and heart rate; this reduces the likelihood of taking a deep breath and creating a sensation of shortness of breath.

Read below to find out what to do if you experience this symptom of smoking marijuana.

Health problems can make it hard to breathe after smoking marijuana

Although smoking marijuana is not considered dangerous, it can aggravate heart and lung problems. Therefore, you should always be honest with yourself and your doctor when discussing cannabis use. Always tell your doctor about heart disease in your family. This allows a correct diagnosis.

Coronary heart disease: chest pain from smoking marijuana

If you have a history of coronary artery disease, you may want to give it a try.pain after smoking.

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In someone with a history of coronary artery disease, marijuana can actually cause chest pain.smoking painand even cause a heart attack. It can break down cholesterol plaques and lead to clogged coronary arteries.

Respiratory or lung diseases - Difficulty breathing after smoking marijuana

do you think hDifficulty breathing after smoking marijuana🇧🇷 Whether you're a light or heavy marijuana smoker, smoking affects your airways and lung tissue, which can also cause chest pain between and during a smoke.

evaluationsshow that there is concern about possible adverse effects on the lungs, and the aim was to highlight recent studies showing the effects on the airways of inhaling marijuana smoke.

Smoking marijuana causes cough and chest pain due to: inflammation and irritation in the large airways (pharyngitis), also irritation and inflammation in the small airways and lung spaces (bronchitis).

What to do if cannabis causes chest discomfort?

Any form of smoking irritates the lungs. When it comes to smoking marijuana, the most common cause of your body's immediate coughing response is due to the main irritants: tar and resin.

The pitcher and tar enter your lungs as soon as you inhale the marijuana smoke. The best thing you can do to avoid a coughing fit and chest pain or discomfort from smoking marijuana is to switch to edibles or oils and tinctures. If you like to smoke marijuana, it is recommended: apeace in the mouthto reduce the buildup of tar and pitch in the lungs.

Disclaimer: Moose Labs is not intended to treat any lung disease or condition. Moose Labs MouthPeace and MouthPeace Mini only help reduce tar and tar. Smoking, in any of its forms, still carries many potential risks. If you experience any chest discomfort, consulting a doctor is the best option.

Legal and medical marijuana is much more regulated in most states. In general, purchasing medical marijuana reduces the risk of purchasing marijuana contaminated with pesticides, mold, and other harmful contaminants.

It is always recommended to see a doctor to find any underlying issues that could be the root cause of why your lungs hurt after smoking marijuana.


There are minor causes of chest pain, such as indigestion from overeating when high, and they can be alleviated by taking Tums. Therefore, there are not so common signs when you experience chest pain from smoking marijuana that could be related to more serious problems that require medical attention.

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Chest pain after smoking cannabis should not be taken lightly. Check out the list of notable signs to look out for when you should see a doctor. Remember to be honest with your doctor so they can better diagnose if you have a real underlying problem or if you just smoked too much marijuana.


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