11 Roast Duck Deliveries in Singapore That Will Leave You Hungry for More (2023)

Satisfy your cravings now with Roast Duck deliveries!
Accessible: •Dian Xiao ErSoy Sauce Ho Fook Hei ChickenPato Asado Guan Chee HKVery good Char Chan Tang
Average area:Pato Kai de Kai GartenAsado de Kamforbidden duckLondon-Ente Slices
High quality:Imperial Treasure Super Peking DuckducklingsTungLok He Entertainment Pequim

Roast duck is a quintessential Chinese dish that needs no introduction.-Pato-You'll find it on the menu of almost every Chinese restaurant and at Lazy Susan if you're having a Chinese feast. However, mastering this seemingly simple dish is no easy feat. But do not worry. We searched and found what we were looking for11 Roast Duck Deliveries in Singapore, delivering across the island that will help you satisfy your duck hunger.

Duck meat can easily become dry and work your jaw if not expertly prepared, but that won't be the case when you order from these restaurants!

1. Garten Pato Kai de Kai

Pato Kai de Kai Garten is a relatively new concept specializing in contemporary Cantonese food in a casual setting.

It's the brainchild of the group's Hong Kong-born owner and executive chef, Fung Chi Keung, who has over 30 years of experience in Cantonese cuisine. So you can be sure this is a real bargain!

your signroast duck($82) features succulent meat with perfectly thin, crispy skin. Even the lightest touch of chopsticks causes the juices to spread out spectacularly. So a word of advice: be careful with this.

2. Dian Xiao Er

Dian Xiao Eris a name that is not foreign to the Pato Assado scene. Their roast ducks are famous for the strong herbal flavors they contain.

11 Roast Duck Deliveries in Singapore That Will Leave You Hungry for More (2)
11 Roast Duck Deliveries in Singapore That Will Leave You Hungry for More (3)
11 Roast Duck Deliveries in Singapore That Will Leave You Hungry for More (4)

Dian Xiao Er Ten Wonderful Herb Roast Duck (十全) Herb Roast Duck

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Roast Duck with Ten Wonderful Herbs (十全) Roast Duck with Herbs

Dian Xiao Er Roast Duck with Wild Ginseng (American Ginseng) Roast Duck with Herbs

Roast duck with wild ginseng (American ginseng) Roast duck with herbs

Roasted Dian Xiao Er Duck with Angelica Herb

Roast duck with angelica herbs (Angelika) Roast duck with herbs

11 Roast Duck Deliveries in Singapore That Will Leave You Hungry for More (5)

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11 Roast Duck Deliveries in Singapore That Will Leave You Hungry for More (6)

If, like me, you love a heavy herbal kick to your roast duck, this is it.Roast Duck with Ten Wonderful Herbs (十全) Roast Duck with Herbs(from $18.51) is a must.

True to its name, the dish uses a total of 10 herbs. With calming effects and many other health benefits, they make the dish really delicious and nutritious.

3. Chicken with Soy Sauce Ho Fook Hei

Most of you could joinSoy Sauce Ho Fook Hei ChickenChicken with soy sauce. After all, it's in his name. But did you know that they also offer delicious roast ducks?

This casual restaurant is part of Joyden's own Concepts chain. They specialize in serving authentic Cantonese dishes prepared in the traditional way.

You can certainly be sure that the Roast Duck 明炉烧鸭 (from S$15.90 for half a duck) is traditionally authentic. It tastes right to the bone and is another proud product of its remarkable Cantonese cooking skills and techniques.

4. Asado de Kam

Asado de Kam is a well-known roasting company in Hong Kong. I actually became a huge fan after my life changing experience at Kam's Roast in Hong Kong.

your signKam Brand Roast Duck - Whole Roast Duck - Whole($63.25) is perfect for any special occasion. The way the duck's thin, sinfully oily skin complements the ultra-tender meat is a good match.

It's a blessing that Kam's Roast is now available across the island. Do you deliver roast duck? Check. That way I can enjoy their premium roast from the comfort of my own home.

5. Imperial Treasure Peking Duck

Imperial Treasure Super Peking Duck is part of the award-winning Imperial Treasure group of restaurants. With numerous Michelin awards, they are synonymous with authentic Chinese cuisine.

This particular restaurant specializes in the exquisitepeking duck($147.66). The Rolls-Royce of all roast ducks was a dish reserved for royalty in ancient times.

So if you're looking to impress that special someone and their parents, you know where to get your roast duck.

6. Forbidden Duck

We had king ducks on the list and now it's time for one of the devils.

based in hong kongforbidden duckis a Cantonese restaurant owned by Demon Chef Alvin Leung. And if his infamous title isn't clear enough, the celebrity chef also has three Michelin stars to his credit. So he's not playing, I'm telling you.

they prepare theirsforbidden duck(From $48) Peking style and slow fire. This method ensures that the lean ducks used are as tender as possible.

They also sprinkle some of Chef Leung's demonic magic to thoroughly debone the duck before serving. I'd love to know what they do with the leftover duck bones, but it's probably better if I don't find out...

7. Pat

Ever wondered what Irish ducks taste like? Thenducklings it's the right place! This farm-to-table concept by TungLok Group specializes in roast duck and other duck specialties.

your signWhole Roasted Irish Duck($76.50) has the title of Best Duck in the World and you can bet they deserve it for good reason.

They marinate it with plenty of herbs and spices to remove any traces of game. As such, you can expect duck meat to be incredibly flavorful and super juicy.

8. Londoner Ente slices

Keep Irish Ducks, International BrandLondon-Ente Slices also offers these exotic and sumptuous ducks on its menu.

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They areLondon Signature Roast Duck London Signature Roast Duck($79.80) has the perfect ratio of fat to meat. Imagine crispy, shiny skin and tender duck meat that melts in your mouth, all in one bite.

See too

No wonder they call it "Wagyu Duck". Here is a royal feast with royal indulgence!

9. Pequim TungLok Xi He

Some say that Avengers: Endgame is the best crossover in movie history. if yes thenTungLok He Entertainment Pequim It is the equivalent in the culinary world.

The concept is a collaboration between two giants of Chinese cuisine, TungLok and XiHe, the latter from Beijing, China.

11 Roast Duck Deliveries in Singapore That Will Leave You Hungry for More (14)
11 Roast Duck Deliveries in Singapore That Will Leave You Hungry for More (15)

Roasted Irish Duck_1500 TungLok XiHe

Roast Duck Irish Roast Duck

Peking Irish Duck_1500 TungLok Er

Peking Duck Irish Peking Duck

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11 Roast Duck Deliveries in Singapore That Will Leave You Hungry for More (16)

11 Roast Duck Deliveries in Singapore That Will Leave You Hungry for More (17)

Your specialty is none other than thisPeking Duck Irish Peking Duck($105 per whole duck). While always a classic dish, they've updated it, giving it their own modern interpretation.

10. Guan Chee HK roast duck

Last but not least, it's on our listHong Kong Guan Chee Gebratene Ente. Started as a small traveling salesman in 1983, they have come a long way.

  • 11 Roast Duck Deliveries in Singapore That Will Leave You Hungry for More (18)
  • 11 Roast Duck Deliveries in Singapore That Will Leave You Hungry for More (19)

your signCharcoal roasted duck Charcoal roasted duck(from $18) is the result of years of recipe refinement. Its distinctive smoky notes keep customers coming back for more.

Apparently they also use a secret sauce created by owner and duck connoisseur Mr. Chi. It's no wonder they have such a loyal customer base, especially since they deliver too.

11. So gut Char Chan Tang

Very good Char Chan Tang It's a modern take on the traditional.immediately tiredwhich can be found in every corner of Hong Kong. In addition to traditional Hong Kong cafes, they also offer a variety of quality grilled meats.

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They areduck fried rice($8.80) promises an explosion of flavors with every bite. A preview of goodoldDays of getting nostalgic.

Whether it's a family dinner, a birthday party or a festive dinner, roast ducks are perfect for any occasion. Know where to get your roast duck next time with these 11 Roast Duck Deliveries!


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